Wooden log cabins

Heumens Bos wooden log cabins are cozy, simple and practical furnished. The cabins are suitable for families, group of friends, cyclists or hikers.

Heumens Bos has two types of cabins.

Cabin Standard: are equipped with 4 beds (2 bunk beds), table, chairs and a gas cooker.  It is also possible to rent  kitchen inventory at the reception. 

Cabin plus: are equipped with 5 beds (2 bunk beds),  has his own kitchen including kitchen inventory, refrigerator,  table and chairs.

There are no bathrooms in the cabins. There is a toilet/shower block nearby the cabins.

You need to bring your own sleeping bag and pillowcase.

Arrivel time: after 15.00  Departure time: untill 11.00.

You have to clean the cabin for departure.


heumens bos trekkershut [1600x1200]     heumens bos trekkershut plus [1600x1200]

Trekkershut standaard Heumens Bos
Trekkershut standaard Heumens Bos



Trekkershut Plus heumens bos
Trekkershut Plus heumens bos





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